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What does an insurance company, educational service and grocery chain have in common? They’re all using the cloud. There are a number of reasons that make cloud technology a business catalyst today. It enables small businesses to large conglomerates to cater products and services more efficiently resulting in higher productivity and revenues.

According to Forrester’s forecast data reported in “Sizing the Cloud, the global cloud computing market will see a 592% increase, turning from a USD 40.7bn to a USD 241bn market in 2020.”

According to an equity firm KPCB, the factors driving this growth include:


  • Storage costs declining 38% annually (1992-2013).
  • Smartphone costs are declining 5% annually (2008-2013).
  • Rapidly falling processing costs, while the accessibility through cloud rise.
  • Bandwidth costs are declining 27% annually (1999-2013).
  • Computing costs declining 33% annually (1990-2013).

So, in future, no doubt the Cloud will be the foundation of the internet. It will result in increased customer satisfaction due to increased competitiveness between cloud providers. 

Let’s discuss how cloud will transform your business with a number of benefits when you move to it:

Cloud Business

The above figure shows different ways businesses are using cloud to drive business transformation.

  1. Drive cost efficiencies through affordability – Cloud and applications on cloud are available on subscription basis, so you can easily afford them for your business and thus lower your Opex. All underlying IT infrastructure is provided and maintained by the cloud service provider only. So no high Capex.
  2. Enable mobile workforce –You need only an internet connection to work from anywhere across the globe as all your cloud applications can be accessed from anywhere. The adoption of smart devices, both at the workplace and remote areas, has raised the expectations about accessibility and user experience.
  3. Improved interaction with customers and partners – Informed CEOs and other executives are realizing that adoption of cloud services is the secret ingredient for improvement in operational processes. It provides product owners and business experts an efficient way to present requirements and design documents to partners and customers and obtain their feedback quickly and easily.
  4. Better utilization of data for obtaining insights – Cloud gives you the ability to manage big data. It helps you to store, collect, manage, scale, cleanse, and analyze data efficiently and securely at one place, thus improving every aspect of your business.
  5. Innovation and New product development – Cloud gives the ability to conceptualize, design, develop and market newly created services or products quickly. It increases the company’s market share by satisfying the demands of customers and partners.
  6. Development of new business models – There is no requirement to install any software while using cloud based apps so you can access the product or service immediately and it comes with hassle-free automatic updates and backups. This leads to more predictable business models through which more revenue and earnings streams in response to volatile and uncertain market conditions can be achieved.
  7. Shift to subscription based services model – Flexibility and scalability are the two important elements of cloud computing. It simplifies the way that companies operate, by providing a more responsive way, scaling up and down of operations on demand rather than wasting time with settling the up-front costs and being limited with physical assets which no one needs. 
  8. Faster time to market - The cloud gives the ability to act faster and compete with bigger rivals as you can access various world class technologies across a number of business functions from marketing and sales to customer service to finance. It increases the chances of development of new business models and products. When these products are combined with the cloud, manufacturers can easily analyze, capture, control, and manage previously unseen data from these products while they’re in use.

It is important that IT organizations harness these trends to improve their productivity and teamwork.

Walk through the journey to cloud transformation

The following live examples of the enterprises will make you understand that how they are using cloud to transform the way they deliver their services:

Pearson: It has a transformed, revolutionary way of delivering education worldwide. By using cloud, Pearson created a more flexible hybrid infrastructure with common systems and processes, which benefitted them as they don’t have to invest in new infrastructure each time they wish to expand. This transformation has helped them to accelerate the company’s focus towards fast-growing markets — like China and South Africa— and they’re able to offer other educational products that are increasing in demand and are digital in nature.

The Hartford: By taking advantage of the benefits that cloud offers, it has transformed the way it delivers IT services. The company improves its system availability, reduce costs, and business continuity capabilities, and bring products and services to market faster and meet the needs of customers and partners by public cloud hosting.

Delhaize America, a simple grocery chain, is running Big Data and analytics on the cloud to study the impact of weather on sales. For e.g., warmer weather reduces the purchase of grilled meat and increases purchase of other products. These insights enable the company to make smarter decisions about promotions, inventory, pricing and staffing. Using the SoftLayer cloud infrastructure, they can deploy the Big Data projects in less than 2 weeks vs several months.


IT transformation by moving to cloud requires suitable planning. So, if you want to transform your business smoothly with cloud then go for best cloud hosting at ZNetLive where you can develop things faster with complete privacy.

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